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Did you know that 38% of traders in the crypto space have lost more than they invested? A lot of this has to do with poor trading strategies, not doing research based on market trends, or not starting with a strategy for cryptocurrency buys at all.

If you want to minimize risks while investing, your strategy should be focused on risk mitigation and diversification. While not many crypto traders are successful, it’s possible with the right alternative investment options and exchanges.

To get a better idea of how to obtain the best crypto buys without losing your trading budget, keep reading. 

How Can You Actually Buy at a Lower Rate and Sell for Higher?

If you want to get the most out of your crypto portfolio, it’s not difficult to buy low and then sell high. This is the most ideal situation for crypto traders, and it’s all about your knowledge and timing of the market.

Essentially what you’re going to do is wait until a certain asset hits its bottom price. When the price peaks, that’s when you sell that asset. This is the best way to help generate the highest rate of return. To supplement this, you’re going to want to use moving averages.

This is just another way of looking for certain buy signals. When a type of cryptocurrency crosses the moving average of that asset, this is a common indicator of an uptrend. You can use the same concept to identify potential downtrends of assets as well.

If you are a crypto investor who prefers to focus on long-term investments, one option for you would be a 200-day moving average. This is another type of indicator that is used to help you better gauge assets over longer periods.

This indicator is very technical, and it will help you to notice resistance levels of assets and break-out periods. You will also be able to signal established trends earlier on.

To put these strategies to good use, you should start with some of the best cryptocurrency buys on the market today. To find out the best types of crypto to invest in, there are a few strategies you can use.

How to Identify Low-Risk Crypto Buys

Crypto investment landscapes might appear to be complex, and that’s because it is. The main reason for its complexity is due to investors not knowing how to use large amounts of data to guide their investments. It also has a lot to do with investors not knowing how to identify current and potential risks.

The ideal situation would be to buy low and later sell high, but this isn’t possible if you don’t know how to identify and then navigate crypto investment risk factors. First, you need to realize that a lot of the time, crypto buys are more risky than traditional stocks because they are a lot more volatile.

This means that you can’t approach these investments in the same way, which is one way that a lot of investors fall short because they think the investment concept is the same. So, how can you navigate cryptocurrency exchanges to weed out the buys that offer the lowest amount of risk?

Be Mindful of New Investment Opportunities

Keep in mind that crypto exchanges are the first place to start when trying to find new coins because they often feature new investment opportunities that come onto the market. To determine what investments are going to offer the lowest risks, do some research into them. You can do this by taking a close look at the website of the projects.

The reason you want to do this is to determine whether the investment will be worth your time, especially if it’s something new that you aren’t familiar with. Newer coins that come onto the market get a lot of popularity because their future isn’t yet known. Make sure the cryptocurrency information is up to date and that there are no obvious errors on the site.

Additionally, look for team members and partnerships associated with the cyrpto buy. The main thing to look for, though, is the objective of the coin. You can learn more about that from the whitepaper of the investment, which most of them will have.

Market Metrics Matter

What you want to do after determining what projects you want to add to your portfolio is to evaluate its market metrics. This is where amateur investors and more seasoned investors completely differ. To determine whether a crypto buy is low risk and worth it in the long run.

Seasoned investors look at:

Trading volume is a big one because it represents engagement with the project. The trading volume shows how much a crypto buy was actually traded during a certain amount of time.

What you want to determine here is the stability of the price and liquidity of the asset. To determine if these two things are possible, look for investments that have high volume.

If you notice a potential investment option has low volume, this is often a key indicator of poor liquidity in the investment. It could also mean that you’ll see larger price swings.

Supply and Capitalization

A lot of the time, crypto investments have a maximum level of supply. Try to pay attention to this because some crypto buys have an unlimited supply. The supply of an investment will display how often a coin is being traded.

Circulation will show if you can expect scarcity in the coin down the line or not. Market capitalization can help you determine the safety of an investment.

For example, if a crypto buy has a high market cap, it might be a safer investment. This doesn’t mean that it’s a guaranteed safe bet, though. It just means that you have better odds.

Determining What Crypto Buys Will Give You a ‘High Reward’

To identify the best crypto buys to give you the highest reward, pay attention to its current circulation and the total supply of the coin. If the interest of the investment is consistent with a fixed supply, you could expect a spike in price.

It’s small details like this that will make your portfolio more secure. Keep in mind that being low and selling high is possible, but you have to have good timing. This means that you can still experience a significant loss if you sell the investment too soon. It’s a good idea not to sell too quickly as prices rise, but it really just depends on the trends of the market.

Start researching the buys you’re interested in by checking its crypto roadmap, learning more about the phase of the project if it’s something new, and projecting potential trends of it.

How to Minimize Risk With Cryptocurrency Buys

If you want to minimize risks while trading on cryptocurrency exchanges, you’re going to need a risk management strategy. Both new and seasoned crypto traders, as well as crypto enthusiasts, can benefit from a variety of managed risk approaches, with some of the most popular options being to diversify your portfolio and hedge your crypto portfolio. 

Additionally, you want to start by only investing what you can afford to lose and follow crypto regulations closely. This has a lot to do with self-control and knowing when you can or can’t recover from a loss.

You also want to know how much time it would take you to recover from a loss, as this is often an incentive to keep you on track with mitigating risks and using caution and research before buying. 

Traders should be moving their assets into cold storage, using stop loss orders and then taking the profits, and conducting thorough research before getting started at all. Knowing some of the top methods to help you mitigate risk can make your trading career or hobby more profitable.

Hedging Your Portfolio for Crypto Buys

When someone talks about hedging your portfolio, they are essentially talking about a way to reduce the potential effects of downturns in the market. It’s a proactive measure for cryptocurrency buys that is intended to push your investments in the opposite direction of potential risk.

When you head your crypto portfolio, this is also another way of diversifying your portfolio because diversification is one of the most common hedging strategies.

When it comes to crypto trading specifically, the best way to hedge your portfolio is to focus on futures and options positions. When an asset declines, this method is going to allow your investments to go short and push for a profit.

The concept is the exact same when an asset goes up in price, except your investments will take a long approach. Futures and options are two types of derivative contracts. Futures are a certain type of contract and are exactly as it sounds. It obligates you to purchase a certain asset at a set price but at a later date.

An options contract is similar as it will entitle you to buy an asset at a predetermined price, but it will give you an option to either buy or sell that asset at a price that was already set. The difference between the two is that with an option, you will have exactly that… the option to exercise the agreement or not.

Diversifying Your Portfolio Makes a Difference

Minimizing your risk when buying cryptocurrency is all about reducing your exposure to risk. This is what diversification does. When you have a diverse portfolio, you significantly lessen the chances of experiencing any type of significant loss. In a way, the saying, ” Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket,” would apply here. 

When you think of diversifying a portfolio you might be considering traditional forex trading or diversifying your investments with bond funds and index funds. However, this tactic is appropriate for any type of training, and it’s an investment strategy that allows you to maximize profit while still minimizing loss. 

If you’re a crypto newbie, the 80/20 rule is a good place to start. This rule is also known as the Pareto Principle, and with this, you’re going to be actively looking for the most productive inputs that have the capability of generating the highest return amounts on your investment. This rule says that 80% of all outcomes will eventually result from 20% of all causes. 

This concept should be used when you are deciding on crypto assets to trade. An easy way to form a better understanding of this concept is to only trade 20% of certain assets that have the ability to give you an 80% return. 

Overall, diversifying your portfolio is going to help you better manage volatility, and it will make trend monitoring a lot simpler. The main point with this is that you will have more growth potential in crypto if you start to diversify your assets.

Manage Your Risk-to-Reward Ratio

Your risk-to-reward ratio is another term for risk-return ratio. It’s a type of measure used to assess the chance of seeing a return in terms of potential risk and how much that return would be. It helps investors to define the relationship between the chance they would incur losses and gains for trades they make.

The concept is for you to have an approach for obtaining the maximum return on a trade at a minimum risk. It’s a good option for assessing your profits vs. losses which is a great supplement to this strategy.

Overall, this is a protective mechanism for traders because it will keep you aware of the money you could lose. If you have a set budget for your trades, knowing the chance you will see ROI will help to keep your budget in line.

Leveraging Your Crypto Strategies

Cryptocurrency buys can be difficult to navigate if you aren’t a seasoned trader. Even for more seasoned traders, it can still be challenging.

Considering that most traders give up in just their first year of investing, most of your expectations are not unrealistic. The trick is knowing how to leverage the strategies that you use while mitigating your risks and enhancing your opportunity for more profits.

To learn how to better safeguard your investments, consult to get started.

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